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We offer the perfect orthopaedic insole for any purpose. Based on a detailed and individual body static analysis, featured by an innovative computer technology your personal orthopaedic insoles will be manufatured. In the course of this analysis, you will already get to know your personal benefits of your individual insoles. Among other aspects, we will focus on your personal choice of shoes, the intended purpose and all of your questions coming up.

245,00 | Scope of Services

The first-time manufacturing of orthopaedic insoles (pairwise), including body statics analysis.

180,00 - 220,00 | Scope of Services

Follow-up order of orthopaedic insoles (pairwise) depending on the effort, including one on-site insoles-check.

*The supply of insoles is considered a purely private service. We cannont accept or clear any prescription issued by any medical insurance. Your private medical insurance normally clears the full- respectively partial costs for orthopaedic insoles. In this case please contact your personal private insurance company in advance.


245,00 | Scope of Services

Individual Cycling Carbon Insoles – the Choice of the Pros

The SOLESTAR insoles: Customized to fit your individual needs, based on your position on the bike. The stiffness of the SOLESTAR carbon insole combined with customer-specific adaptions, lead to an optimized power transfer, improves the seating position and solves / prevents individual malpositioning or physical overload.

For an individual adaption of your insoles, please bring your shoes (roadbike, triathlon oder mtb). Our SOLESTAR insoles normally fit every cycling shoe on the market.