Physiological Performance Diagnostics

In Cooperation with Trainalyzed.

Complex Performance Diagnostics

260,00 | Scope of Services

15sec Sprinttest · Lactate Formation Rate · Threshold test incl. Spirometry · VO2max Test · Anaerobic Formation Rate, Determination of Energy- and Substrate Use.

This tests displays all paramters of physical performance. In cooperation with our partner TRAINALYZED we offer the most effective and extensive performance diagnostics on the market.
This differential performance diagnostics examines the aerobic and anaerobic metabolism as well as their interaction and effects on training, competition and nutrition.
Based on a longterm experience in professional cycling we deliberately created this test without any financial or time limitation. Quality is our top priority. The testing-time is 2h, evaluation and review 30min.

Moxy Performance Diagnostics

110,00 | Scope of Services

Threshold test with a Moxy sensor, making use of NIRS-Technology (near-infrared spectroscopy). Based on the process of oxygen-saturation and other objective analysis methods, we determin your personal anaerobic threshold and therefore your individual training ranges.
The test procedure is really easy: The "level protocol" is determined on state of fitness, the moxy sensor will be fixed on your tigh and the steptest will end as an physical all-out effort. No blood sampling necessary, the analysis and consultation will be held within 2 to 3 days by our partner TRAINALYZED. More exact and favourable in price than a classic lactate threshold test.