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Motion Analysis

Seating position measurements · counselling measurements · body statics analysis

Motion analysis are performed to reveal and counteract exisiting physical dysbalances. This prevents possible injuries, pain and improves your personal physical performance.

  1. Seating position measurements (Standard, TT- / Tribike & Counselling measurements)
  2. Body static measurements
  3. Treadmill analysis


Adjuments and functional check of SOLESTARs · orthopaedic and osteopathic insoles

Insoles take corrective action on dysbalances of your locomotor system. As a requirement for individual manufactured insoles, a motion analysis needs to be perfomed in advance.

Our SOLESTAR Carbon Cycling Insole weas specifically designed and developed for cycling. With SOLESTARs innovative active priciple, the foot gets stabilized while power transmission, shear forces are reduced and the locomotor system corrected. This individual adjustment leads to more comfort and performance on the bike.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings on topics like "Seating position measurements and Orthopaedic Insoles"

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